Internet Portals & Websites

Internet portal and website solutions from Takween IT help you create personalized, contextualized and intuitive web experiences for your customers. We can build for you:

Scalable designs
Personalized user experiences
Content management, social and mobile services
Systems featuring reduced complexity
Cost-efficient systems

We are extremely experienced creating Internet portals and websites that offer an exceptional digital experience and dynamic functionality. Takween IT can establish for you a strong online presence that has the capability to inform and engage customers, advertise your brand and promote your authority.

Our process is efficient and effective. We accomplish an in-depth understanding of your specific requirements, provide you options in performance and affordability, and then go to work to create a product that meets your needs and helps you achieve your business goals. Our team is extremely proficient and motivated to deliver outstanding results.

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Making your services accessible online has notable benefits for businesses, including convenience for customers, reduced service costs, more efficient management of services and more. Takween IT can help you review your eServices options and choose a portfolio of capabilities that improve productivity and performance.

What can eServices from Takween IT do for you? Functionality is flexible and wide-ranging, with support for benefits that include the ability to:

Reach more stakeholders
Achieve higher rates of satisfaction
Provide services more efficiently
Open new channels to communicate with different stakeholders
And much more...

We specialize in eServices solutions for governments to connect with citizens, including: Data accessibility Access to systems and web-based services Provide information about services and decision making processes Contact and communicate with relevant authorities Involvement in problem solving and service improvement
Find out more, there is a whole new business world to engage with eServices from Takween IT.


Intranets & Collaboration


Some of our most popular business efficiency solutions are intranets that are based on SharePoint for communication and collaboration. Takween IT offers a full roster of solutions designed to provide flexibility, reduce complexity and create optimized environments for your employees to collaborate, share and work together anytime, and from anywhere. We can provide your employees tools to connect on projects, discuss, find and share relevant information and more.

Intranet software
Social collaboration
Online project management
Online database solutions
Portal customization
SharePoint and alternatives

SharePoint offers a roster of benefits for businesses, including enhanced security, access-from-anywhere options, cloud sharing, hundreds of apps that add functionality and more. Our expert team can set up your enterprise with SharePoint and learn to get the most from it, to power your business to new heights of productivity.
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Analytics and Business Intelligence

Takween IT offers next generation business analytic solutions designed to assist enterprises of all sizes organize, contextualize and prioritize information. Actionable business insights can be mined from all types of data – even big data – and including the full spectrum of platforms and devices. We can also help with self-service and built-in expertise and intelligence: now you have the capability and confidence to make more informed decisions that better target and accomplish your business goals.
Business intelligence. Forward-looking solutions that organize data into reports and scorecards, to measure capabilities, test performance and create predictive metrics for future performance.
Predictive analytics. Statistics and modeling applications are deployed into collected data, to create a more accurate snapshot of your operations, customers, opportunities, threats and more.
Risk analytics. Support business decisions with focused, context-rich intelligence and analysis, to maximize your ability to capture future opportunities and manage risks.


Document Management and Archiving

Improve document and data performance, while lowering a host of separate costs, including administration, storage and servers. Document and data management options include software solutions on existing infrastructure for maximum affordability, custom designed hardware for accelerated deployment, and cloud solutions for premium flexibility.

Archiving transforms your documents and data into a business resource that is smarter, faster and more capable of helping you accelerate past the competition. Our archiving preserves your documents and provides you the tools for rapid search, improved management and easy access. Software, hardware and cloud options are available to leverage the infrastructure you already have and provide you the flexibility to choose the solution that works best for your business.

Lower costs and reduced complexity, with amazing benefits to performance and enterprise agility – find out how Takween IT can assist your business with document and data management and archiving.



eCommerce is more than just online sales, today's most successful companies strive to unify customer experiences across a variety of channels, including physical and digital. Takween IT can help you enhance customer experiences, manage evolving technologies, develop more efficient commerce and supply chains, enhance agility and reduce complexity. You can boost sales and lower costs with our eCommerce solutions.

We specialize in managing and unifying web, eCommerce, mobile, social and physical channels to create consistent and appealing customer experiences.
B2B commerce. Improve efficiency in your business relationships with partners, resellers and suppliers.
Customer analytics. Mine data from the full spectrum of devices and platforms to analyze customer behavior, reveal trends and learn valuable insights into how your enterprise relates to customers.
B2C commerce. Cross channel management of customer experiences, brand messaging, customer service and support, and more.