Application Development & Integration

Innovate, manage growth, explore new opportunities or simply maintain day-to-day operations – those are just a few of the ways Takween IT can help your business thrive.
Efficient. Agile. Secure. These are the characteristics you need to thrive in a 21st century marketplace that prioritizes speed, innovation and the ability to transition at a moment's notice.
Takween IT can develop and innovate the applications your enterprise needs to boost efficiency, become more agile and optimize security. We have a passion for innovation and we are very good listeners: let us know what your needs are and your business requirements, and we will respond with technology solutions that are efficient, reliable and effective:
• Faster application and service delivery, including robust data management tools
• Customized choices: platforms, tools, development frameworks and deployment runtimes
• Open integration across a full range of apps and systems
• Versatility to run anywhere, across a diverse set of infrastructures
Transform your business and delight your customers with an improved experience and superior results. Enjoy industry-leading performance with our fully-integrated technology solutions that deliver data integrity, unlimited scalability and outstanding performance benefits.

Mobile Development

The world is migrating to mobile platforms, and smart businesses need to keep pace to stay connected to the market and engaged with customers. Takween IT is a leader in mobile applications development and mobility solutions. Enterprises around the world trust our experienced team for knowledge leadership in device and OS compatibility and creative, efficient and high performing rich native apps.

Target environments we support include:
• Android
• iOS
• iPad
• XNA for Windows Phone
• JavaScript/HTML5

Our process to deliver you an outstanding mobile app is simple and it begins by listening to you and learning what your precise needs are for functionality, performance and audience.
When our team gets to work, you can expect innovative and compelling results quickly. Our mobile development design philosophy prioritizes a quality user experience, whether your application is designed to automate mission-critical processes, support services or engage customers directly.
Embrace mobility and power your ability to compete, grow and thrive with Takween IT mobile development.


Takween IT is a trusted leader in providing IT & software consultancy services for small business and enterprise clients, in both leading and specialized industries. We guide businesses like yours to meet goals and exceed expectations.

What's our secret? We provide you access to our team of highly trained business and technical professionals. Their experience and ability to share winning strategies and innovative technologies give your business the capability to excel, whether your needs are technical, strategic or managerial.
Takween IT clients have extremely high standards and we reward their trust with:

• Differentiated IT products that optimize marketplace advantages
• Operational efficiency and agility
• Analysis that defines and prioritizes strategic goals
• IT solutions with cost and schedule certainty
Our consultancy team is comprised of industry leading IT consultants and trainers who understand that every client is different, with unique qualities and needs. We finely tailor service to your industry, specific goals and technology requirements.

Let Takween IT consultancy services help you reduce risk, manage costs and realize the best return on your critical IT investments.

Maintenance and Technical Support

Downtime is the most common and costly disaster facing 21st century enterprises. Downtime cost you time, money, customer trust and satisfaction, business momentum and more. Your solution: maintenance and technical support from Takween IT.

Our clients trust us to provide answers and solutions that eliminate downtime, increase productivity and boost performance:
• Support team with industry-leading skills and experience
• Innovative best-in-class solutions
• Advanced monitoring, diagnostic and repair tools
• On-site and online availability

We offer a robust list of service options; including flexible “pay-as-you-go” maintenance and technical support solutions that helps you manage costs without compromising service. In addition, we specialize in rapid response and fast resolution.
Our maintenance and technical support service can help relieve the burden on your indigenous IT team. Let our team handle these issues, so your IT team can focus on supporting your core business activities. Maintenance and technical support from Takween IT allows you to optimize IT resource allocation, without driving up costs. Contact our Technical Support Team to learn more about the benefits.

Data and Content Management

Takween IT can provide you the tools to organize and leverage your data, with advanced data and content management services:
• Optimize data retrieval and deployment
• Real-time analysis tools
• Reduce complexity and simplify performance management
• Support for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, SQL Azure and more

Has your business outgrown its capacity to efficiently access, track and utilize your data? Or has technology passed you by? Takween IT offers a full roster of data and content management services that deliver efficient and leading-edge performance. Innovative data management solutions give you the power to stay ahead of the competition.

Data and content management solutions from Takween IT allow you the flexibility to add new data sources and integrate additional platforms, without cumbersome intermediaries. This is Artificial Data Intelligence for the 21st century enterprise.

Get your data to work for you and drive productivity, efficiency and satisfaction. Get in touch with our Data Management Team to find out how Takween IT can help you compete in the modern data-driven marketplace.

Managed Services

When an IT problem arises, you need a solution immediately. Efficient and effective IT support requires a single point of contact, to ensure availability at a moment's notice and accountability for results that meet exacting standards for performance.

Managed services from Takween IT provide you the responsiveness, leading expertise and peace of mind needed for optimal enterprise IT performance.We operate on a “pay as you go” model, to ensure your costs are limited to only the services you use and the support you need.
Network management, to optimize your network to keep employees productive and customers happy
Security management, including security monitoring, Cloud and premises firewalls, PCI compliance, secure remote access and more
Infrastructure management, including servers, mobile devices and endpoint management and security
Cloud services management, including Cloud hosting and private Clouds, disaster recovery and more

Think of our team as an extension of your indigenous IT staff, providing you extra capacity for visibility, control, security, compliance and all the other IT functions that benefit from experienced, knowledgeable support.

Social Media

Social media is more important than ever for enterprises, to connect with customers, demonstrate authority, boost SEO performance and more. Success in social media requires having a goal in mind, along with a practical strategy and metrics designed to measure progress.

At Takween IT, we are experienced working within the social channels where your audience can be found, and we are able to create strategies and content that will engage your customers. We also utilize listening tools to identify the conversations that are important to your the success of your brand.

Our strategies are designed with your unique needs in mind and we provide service throughout the full cycle, from strategy formulation for social media all the way to design and implementation:
• Social media strategy
• Social media management
• Blog support applications, including content creation
• Analytics, interactivity metering and response/reaction monitoring
• Influencer program strategy & support
• Community strategy, building and monitoring

Social media solutions from Takween IT are customizable and scalable. Our work can also include support for your employees to ensure their social media involvement is relevant, on message, and successfully coordinated with your other social strategies.

Systems Security

Takween IT offers comprehensive network security expertise, including critical services that defend your capability to operate safely online and within your network:
• Cloud security services
• Cybersecurity audit and response protocols
• Data security and management services
• Identity verification and access management
• Managed security services
• Secure engineering, mobile and application security
• Cross-platform security consulting
• Compliance and risk management
• Enterprise security training and education

We are experienced assisting businesses of all sizes with IT security needs, and we specialize in custom-tailored solutions designed to meet your requirements precisely. We can build for you the systems and services needed to safeguard your most critical assets, while simultaneously reducing complexity and costs.

Takween IT is already helping protect some of the most sophisticated networks in the world. A systems security consultation is free, contact our Security Department to learn more about the solutions we have available. We're ready to help you meet the security challenges of today's digital marketplace.


IT expertise is crucial to ensure your enterprise runs efficiently and smoothly. However, many companies lack the resources – staff, budget or infrastructure – to support an effective IT capability.

Takween IT is here to help. We are a trusted provider of outsourced IT services. We have already helped dozens of enterprises with design, development and delivery of IT solutions that are flexible, scalable and hand-tailored for optimal effectiveness:

• Application development & integration
• Mobile development
• Maintenance and technical support
• Data and content management
• Systems security

Collaborative outsourcing from Takween IT allow you to focus time and energy on your core business goals, while simultaneously reducing your IT costs and expanding your access to industry leading IT skills and innovative solutions. That combination boosts your competitiveness in the marketplace. We can even assist you with on-site training and maintenance.
Free up your team for business-critical activities, maintain your momentum and hone your focus in the marketplace – outsourcing services from Takween IT provides you the freedom to excel.